Civil & Mercantile


Drafting, study and processing of all types of civil and mercantile contracts, private, commercial and professional.

Family law, including marriage, separation and divorce. Parent and child relations, unmarried partners, all operations related to the Civil Registry.

Inheritance law, the study and drafting of testaments, the acceptance of willed or intestate inheritances, declaration of inheritors, tax planning and settlement of inheritance tax.

Study and treatment of foreign elements and of international personal law that are frequent in the settling of contracts, family law and inheritance. Cooperation with foreign law firms, obtaining and administering international documents such as powers of attorney, certificates of Apostille, legalization, translation and legal certifications.

Mercantile law. The constitution, modification and winding up of companies, appointment and removal of administrators, the sale and purchase of stocks and shares, the amplification of capital and administration of company affairs. The acquisition and leasing of businesses, rentals and leases.

Defence of consumer and user rights against commercial establishments, insurance companies, financial entities or professionals.