Integrated service of legal advice in the purchase, sale or rental of real estate, whether this is urban or country land, new construction or re-sale, whether it is registered or unregistered, including the verification of its legal status with regard to registration, the property catastral registration, and the town planning situation. Also included are search for any charges or debts against the property and supervision of the correct change of title for taxes and for the various service providers, such as water and electricity.

We offer our cooperation (under terms of absolute independence) in working with the other professionals involved in real estate, such as estate agents, banks and credit entities, insurers, and evaluators, in order to coordinate the transactions and avoid delays in closing deals.

Likewise, we lend our services to the management, preparation of terms, negotiation and follow-through for contracts of property purchase, construction, new building, rentals, the cancellation of condominium ownership, usufructs and other rights, as well as handling the process and final settlement of notarized title deeds through to their final registration or conclusion.

Assistance in understanding, negotiating and signing mortgages, reverse mortgages and other financial operations.

Advice to Communities of Property Owners on all questions relating to the system of Horizontal Property, including the preparation of reports and legal claims against debtors. The possibility of agreeing stable cooperation plans (igualas). We deal with complaints or problems that individual Community members may have with their Communities.

Assistance with Urban Development Law, including building licences and first occupation licences, housing estate plans and Compensation Boards, along with administrative fines, and the sub-division or combination of land.